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History of
Nicks Mini Golf

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Summer # 1 (2015): 

18th Street and 125th Street courses both opened as Nick’s Mini Golf in 2015 themed as tropical courses with Palm Trees, flowers and bright colors.


Summer # 2 (2016):

18th Street and 125th Street reopened in April of 2016 with a new

Dinosaur theme, Jurassic Golf!  


Summer # 3 (2017):

18th Street and 125th Street opened for their third summer.  In addition we added 57th Street Maui Golf under the Nick’s Mini Golf brand.  Maui golf remained a Hawaiian themed mini golf course and still operates as Maui Golf today.  

Summer # 4 (2018): 

18th, 125th, 57th reopened under the same theme, 18th Street Jurassic Golf went through a major remodel. We added Golf Down Under, in Fenwick Island DE to the Nick’s Mini Golf brand.


Summer # 5 (2019): 

We started the summer of 2019 with our four courses; 18th Jurassic Golf, 57th Maui Golf, 125th Dino Golf, and 146th Street Golf Down Under.We started construction on 45th Street Beach Ball Golf in May of 2019 and we opened the doors for business at 45th Street on June 28th 2019. In September of 2019 we began construction on our Dewey Beach Delaware Mini Golf Course…

Summer # 6 (2020):

After being forced closed due to Covid, we opened our newest mini golf course in May of 2020, Nick’s Dewey Beach Mini Golf making the total of Nick’s Courses now six!

1. 18th Street Jurassic Golf (OCMD)

2. 45th Street Beach Ball Golf (OCMD)

3. 57th Street Maui Golf (OCMD)

4. 125th Street Dino Golf (OCMD)

5. 146th Street Golf Down Under (Fenwick Island DE)

6. Dewey Beach Golf (Dewey Beach DE)


Summer # 7 (2021):

In our 7th summer Nick’s Mini Golf Builds course # 7 in Bethany Beach Delaware, Nick’s Dinoland Golf! Dinoland Golf in Bethany Beach opened July 21st 2021, with animatronic dinosaurs, a waterfall, volcano, and an arcade style 18th Hole!


Summer # 8 (2022):

In our eighth summer we picked up an existing mini golf course in downtown Bethany Beach, Nick’s Pirate Golf.  Featuring a huge pirate ship and other pirate elements, this small course is a locals favorite.  We also added a Mining Company at 125th street Dino golf where kids/families can mine for gems and fossils at the mini golf course


Summer # 9 (2023):

At the end of 2022 and during the entirety of the summer of 2023 we began the process of relocating our original location, 18th Street Jurassic Golf.  Nick’s 18th Street course will be moved up to 21st Street and will reopen in the spring of 2024 as Nick’s Jurassic Golf and Ropes Course.

2024 Summer # 10 


1. 21st Street Jurassic Golf and Ropes Course

2. 45th Street Beach Ball Golf

3. 57th Street Maui Golf

4. 125th Street Dino Golf and Mining Company

5. 146th Golf Down Under

6. Bethany Beach Dinoland Golf

7. Pirate Golf downtown Bethany Beach

8. Dewey Beach Golf

More Nick’s Mini Golf Fun coming soon…

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